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Where are we heading?

When you’re a baby you don’t know about the real world and just enjoy your life letting your parents to handle everything for you.

When you enter primary school, that’s the beginning when your parents and teachers tell you to study hard for your future.

When you enter secondary school, you start to know more people and learn more stuff which adds to your experience. Yet when you’re about to graduate you ask yourself ‘What is next?’ still undecided of your path (further studies, work etc.)

When you are finally doing your degree you can’t wait to graduate and attend your convocation with your family members. Hoping that this will be a great start to a new chapter in your path of life. On average we receive formal education for 15 years and then we start to work. When we finally reach the age of 30 we will ask ourself how are we going to spend the next 30 years of life.

The path we take and the decision we make will determine where will we head to in the future. There will always be the path which is not taken in life and we won’t know what would happen if we turn back and follow that path. Life is about experiencing what is ahead of us to ensure that we will never regret living in this world. The past is the experience needed to continue to move forward in life thus we should never regret about the past as it helped us to be where we are.

At the end of the day experience is what we get when we didn’t get what we want =)


Doing what you like

I just started my industrial training which is actually a good opportunity for me to really understand my job. After the training I will be able to really understand and know what I want to do after my graduation. Should it be something related to what we studied in college/university or something we are really into which has nothing to do with what we studied? This question appears among everyone yet support from family and friends is relatively important in influencing the choice we make. Work with lots of cash but hate the job or work with less cash but love the job? Answer it to yourself.


One day I passed by a restaurant and I saw this family consisting of adults and kids which I assume that they are a big family of grandparents, adults and grandchildrens. About 10 years back I was part of those small kids sitting there having a meal with my parents and grandparents. So, what I really want to do in the next maybe 10 years is to be a father with my children and have a meal with them and my parents. Think about it, if its destined then I’ll be able to be the grandfather having meal with my children and grandchildren which I think its impossible cause who knows what will happen. Nothing is more meaningful then spending time with your own family. No matter what happens, your family will always be there for you =)

Achieving It

There was this particular day in class when my lecturer asked us to voluntarily share with the class regarding our dream and how we want to achieve it. I have been thinking about what will my dream be and how I want to achieve it. After some time I told myself I know what’s the only thing that I want to achieve. Its a very simple thing to achieve if we live the way we want and be happy with what we’re doing.

This is what I told myself which would be my dream ‘On the day Dexter Khaw is about to die, he shall tell himself with a sincere smile that he didn’t regret living in this world’. Some might think that its a crappy dream but just ask yourself, ‘Will you have any regrets before you die?’.

I have been a listener, a consultant, a friend to people I knew. Thanks to them, I am who I am today  who will continue living to be the best to others before I’m gone. Together with inspiration, we will move forward to achieve more in life. The key to enjoy living in this world it to be humble and not be influenced by greed as there is a saying that ‘God provided everything to fulfill a person’s need but God didn’t provide everything to fulfill a person’s greed’. This inspiring quote is driving me to continue moving forward without regrets.

A view of Teluk Bahang Dam taken from Tiger Hill I think. A memorable hike from Teluk Bahang to Penang Hill for 6 hours together with Krystal and Kelvin. Together with others, we will move forward.

Not everyone will be your enemy, treat them with repect and love and they will be special to you in life thus helping you climb that ladder to reach the top. Bring love and care to anyone you meet along your journey here before death =)


Its natural for us to actually want something more to make our life better. Greed itself can affect our thinking and action thus making us a different person in life. Others might not be as lucky or filled with happiness like us, they might actually be more miserable than us. Think about what we have right now and cherish it as others might not even have it but they can still survive.

Some have family, financial, relationship, career problems in life but they eventually overcome it as time passes by. They might even be destined not to overcome it and that is when the love from others come to comfort them which acts as a tool to support them in their life. The care and love from others is what a person need to continue living happily with no regrets.

Be grateful with what we have now =)

For others or yourself

‘Stop thinking about other people and start thinking for yourself’

That is what some tend to tell me but at times I find it more pleasurable to care and think for others first before myself as the real joy that I gain will always be when I’m able to help others feel better or live better. The smile on their face and just a simple wish of saying ‘Thank You’ makes the day brighter.

At times we have to be selfish and think for ourself more. We all hope to have a better life for ourself so at times why must we bother about others? Will they always make your life better? This tends to put you in a situation where you tend to let the person you love be with someone else for a better life or you fight to get that person you love to be yours. Its a tough choice at times =)

Dream Dream Dream

The mystery is still around about dreams on how it happens, cool right? Sometimes whatever we dream tends to be a prediction of something that will happen in the future while some are meant to actually make you soaked in your own fantasy. At times we tend to dream about what we want to have and what we want to be which makes us happy yet its only a dream but its always nice to work hard to fulfill that dream. Complete satisfaction when you fulfill your dream XD

My dream or wish from the following age as far as I can remember:

5 years old: I wanna kutip sampah like those MPPP people cause they look so cool when collecting rubbish with that big truck

7 years old: Have my complete collection of Ultraman toys yea I was a fan of Ultraman that time and not Masked Rider cause that time to me Masked Riders are kinda ugly but after years I tend to prefer Masked Rider XD

14 years old: I want to try to have a girlfriend lalala

16 years old: I want to be an architect to draw and design buildings cause I love to draw LOL

18 years old: Get married by 26 years old!!!

19 years old: Be the first in my Khaw family to take up law and enter a legal profession

20 years old: Professional bartender? Totally out of track so maybe a high management position in a hotel I hope

My current dream is to have my own personal bar at my own personal home. Yes I need a stable income that I earned with my own sweat and blood to achieve that and for your information I only believe in earning money with my own ability so I don’t give a damn about some people who tends to brainwash others about letting money work for you and you just relax. No satisfaction lar.

Its nice to dream but don’t let dream takeover who you are today. Take it as a motivation to keep on motivating yourself to continue living and enjoy life as it is =)

Past, Present & Future

The past tends to bring good and bad memories and experience to us. Some people take the past seriously and can’t seem to leave or forget about the miserable past which affects their life by giving more burden towards their personality. Breaking down and crying about mistakes or sadness about the past, smiling and laughing about the happy moments back then is what recalling the past is all about. To those who are still stuck in the past due to sadness, let go of the past to enjoy the present and yea its easier said than done I know I know XD

The present is where we are right now facing different types of people, broader environment and we learn from our surrounding. Some people actually prioritise more about the present than the past and future whereby they don’t consider plans for the future but just play with the flow and experience what comes to them. Enjoying life as what they are to us now is another part of the meaning of life but can we keep up with it for the future?

The future…where we tend to imagine where we will be, what we will have in the future and etc. Most people tend to actually build up their future in the present by many ways such as increasing the network of friends or earning a high level of education for better opportunity in the future. It does help in long-term planning and to those who are already preparing for the future, do your best for a brighter future.

You may lose at times but you must never give up or be defeated mentally, repair your mistakes and improve yourself to be a better person in life =)


Does a person’s age really show their personality, thinking and maturity? The simple theory that everyone has been saying is that the older you are your thinking tends to me more mature but is it really true with people who are way older whereby they are still not open minded about several issues such as interracial marriage. This is even projected in a relationship whereby if your partner is older than you, you tend to think they are able to handle everything for you but what if they’re younger than you and they act as if you’re the one depending on them so how will you feel then XD

So does age really shows who dominates a relationship in reality and the way of living? A new generation, a new thinking, making them more open towards changes in life whereby to me the older generation should seriously consider the new changes brought to us. Learn to adapt it in life and just let time answer everything as life is short so go and do whatever you want and don’t mess with other people’s life XD


We are all given with the gift to experience different feelings in life. Some will just show everyone how they feel while some will keep it in their heart. As what my previous post kinda mentioned of never fear to express your feelings to others, I believe that everyone has their own way to express themself whether written,verbal or some other method. Sadness is often the worst feeling to be express and there is this saying that ‘Those who cried out loud in public are not as hurt as those who cried alone in a quiet place’ which I find really true as I’ve experienced it before myself XD

Message of the day ‘Not everyone can see a person’s true feelings by looking just on the outside’, so try to understand them by heart instead of using your eyes. They need someone to listen to them so dont give advice when they’re down just listen to them and let them express everything out as they will get better slowly (some female friend of mine told me bout this which I find useful and true).